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About Us

The Concept for Fitlife is a pretty simple one and can be summed up in four simple words: fitness, fun, laughter and nutrition. Our goal is to provide exercise programs and nutritional advice, while making our clients laugh and have a great time.

Our director Tommy Hopkins has spent a considerable part of his life way over the 100kg mark and knows what it's like to be a fat bastard!

In 2000 Tommy decided he had had enough and began a career in marathon running. His running style and speed was likened to a turtle. but he has persevered and to date had completed 10 marathons. With regular running and gym work Tommy now considers himself, not quite Arnie, but still trying!

With a background in martial arts and box, and 15 years experience designing pre-season sports programs, Tommy went back to school and became a fully qualified personal trainer. Fitlife was formed to provide the people of Melbourne with really practical training programs with no bull shit. Too many people waste their money on gym memberships, maybe going once a week if at all. And to think they could come to Tommy, have him or one of his trainers bust their ass, and get awesome results in quarter of the time.