Bootcamp (Indoor & Outdoor)

We have been conducting Bootcamp sessions for 12 years.
Incorporating high intensity training methods, these sessions are designed to motivate you, improve cardiovasular fitness, burn maximum calories and challenge all participants.
Sessions vary each week but usually involve tyres, kettlebells and ropes are is designed for all fitness levels.Typical session lasts for 50 minutes.

Boxing for fitness​

Our Boxing for fitness sessions are designed to combine boxing drills with body weight exercises. Boxing for fitness is the ultimate in fat burning class and is suitable for all fitness levels. No boxing experience required! Incorporating a fitness component, these classes are structure to develop skill, coordination and build strength whilst improving fitness and self confidence, with an emphasis on toning and fat burning.
Classes last for around 50 minutes

Kids Fitness

Our kids classes are built around having fun.
The sessions change every week so no one will get bored. There is ALWAYS a non-contact boxing component. You can expect your child to improve concentration, develop social skills, learn co-ordination and balance, build self esteem.
Fitlife is a safe, fun and friendly environment and we provide experienced, qualified trainers.
Sessions run for around 45 minutes 

Youth Boxing Program

Learn to box, age 12-16 – boys & girls.
Great for self defense, coordination, fitness & self confidence. 
Our youth boxing classes are a great entry level for teenagers to learn the sport of boxing, from qualified trainers.  Sessions last 60 minutes and are always non contact non sparring unless your child has shown an interest in that side of the sport. Any sparring will always be supervised by our boxing trainers. 
Non contact & no sparing!
Fitlife is a safe, fun and friendly environment and we provide experienced, qualified trainers.

Ladies Only (kids and prams welcome)

Open to all ladies of all shapes and size. These sessions change every week so you never know what you will be doing, but you will sweat and you will have fun.
Ladies only classes include everything from cardiovascular to strength training, and non- contact boxing drills. These sessions are great for weight loss, toning muscles while enjoying yourself at the same time. No experience required and suitable for all fitness levels.
Sessions typically last for 50-60 minutes 


Warning ! Metafit will seriously change your body! You will burn fat, tone up, get stronger, get fitter and leaner within a matter of weeks!
This training combines traditional body-weight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata techniques to set the metabolism on fire! It is suitable for beginners through to the advanced fitness enthusiast. In fact, the fitter you get and the more often you get to Metafit, the harder the workout will become, as you get deeper into the exercises and try more challenging variations.  30 minutes session


Is a metabolic resistance workout combining body weigh exercises and equipment. Featuring compounded exercise with short rest breaks to give you the ultimate in calorie burn and increase in metabolic rate. Guaranteed to make you sweat. 

Classes last 30 minutes. 

Personal Training

Whatever your goals are we can help you achieve them!
Utilising extensive knowledge and years of experience in strength and conditioning, your training sessions may not be like anything you’ve done before. If you are committed, we are committed to help you achieve the results you want. Structured around your own goals, we will work on a training and nutrition program to suit your needs.
We also have trainers that specialise in boxing and kickboxing. 
30/45/60 minute options.



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